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tdm for R

tdm for R is a tool designed to estimate individual pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) parameters with one or more drug serum/plasma observations obtained from a single subject or multiple subjects using JAGS interfaced through R package rjags.

Disclaimertdm for R is created for your own personal uses and testing purposes. It shall ALWAYS be used as a guide or a decision support tool only. Medical decisions should NOT be solely based on the results of this program. Although this program has been tested thoroughly, the accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed. Once you use tdm for R, you have automatically agreed to this disclaimer.

Download & Installation

  1. Users require the system administrator privilege to install tdm for R;

  2. Download & install R;

  3. Download & install JAGS first before doing the following steps; JAGS supports Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms;

  4. Download the installation R script file - preinst.r from here;

  5. Download tdm for R package from here. Please read the contents following the file list panel for more installation details first. No need to download the file since it has been displayed on the screen. The file - NEWS includes the change history. Users will require an R script file called preinst.r from Sourceforge to install tdm for R.

about preinst.r - from Sourceforge

This file ("preinst.r") is not a part of R packages, but an R script to automate the installation for all the required packages/libraries for package
tdm for R. Please download preinst.r and place/copy it to the R working directory. Use 'getwd()' to find out where the directory is. Under R console, type source("preinst.r") and click the package to install. You require the system administrator's privilege (Windows & Linux) to run this script. Answer "Yes" if asked for anything during installation. GTK+ runtime is now bundled with the RGtk2 package installation for the Windows platform, as well as more GTK+ (a.k.a. GTK2) themes were added. After installation, you now can run tdm for R by simply typing "library(tdm)" under R Console.

Features: The core of tdm for R used to estimate individual PK/PD parameters is based on JAGS (JAGS is Just Another Gibbs Sampler.) Features include:

  1.  18 drugs: including aminoglycoside, carbamazepine, cyclosporine, digoxin, enfuvirtide, everolimus, indinavir, lithium salt form, phenytoin, ritonavir, tacrolimus, theophylline salt form, vancomycin, Imatinib, enoxaparin, infliximab, and sirolimus;

  2. using an MCMC Bayesian method (using JAGS);

  3. functions of dose adjustment;

  4. fully open-source & freeware under GPL II|III;

  5. diagnostic plots such as density, auto-correction, and history plots;

  6. JAGS makes tdm for R cross-platform possible.

Graphical models of tdm for R (as the following picture)

used to estimate single or multiple subjects' PK parameters of vancomycin with multiple vancomycin plasma concentrations


Screenshots & demo run video

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