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a JAVA GUI for Boomer:- Boomer is an excellent PK/PD modeling tool (Windows, macOS & Linux-PC)


  1. make sure that your system has been installed with JavaVM (JRE for PC/Windows OS from, and the PATH of  “java.exe” must be accessible by the system from any directory/folder. macOS users should be fine with OpenJDK6 or 7. Oracle Java VM may also work if it is installed properly.

  2. download BOOMER from Boomer website. Then unzip the zip file & place “boomer.exe” (for Windows only) on any folder you like (It's freeware!).  Remind you that you should download the appropriate version for your system/platform.  The latest version of BOOMER is v3.3.2 gFortran ver.. (April 2006) for Linux/Fedora. For macOS users, please download boomer337.pkg (June 2011) to install. The latest version for Windows is v3.4.3 (August 2018). And after installation find Boomer at the folder of "/usr/bin" (for Linux/Fedora)

  3. Download JGuiB zip file v3.0.1 (MD5:30DB3B3FC98BBA7F95538A8AA31152B7
    SHA-1:53496C6AFFE91D452263924CC66959D5E8FD22A5; built on Jan. 27, 2014) and unzip the zip file and click JGuiB.jar for both PC/Windows and macOS.

  4. For users of Linux (some Linux distros; not all of them!) ONLY: please move the following folders/files to your 'home/username'- 'UserDefModels', 'Examples', and 'BuildInModels' plus one pdf file (JGuiB User's Guide.pdf); otherwise, you will not see anything under "PK/PD Modeling" (the first Tab). For Linux distros based on 'xfce' display manager, such as Xubuntu, it may not be required to do so. Anyway, if there is anything wrong, just switch these folders back. Also, for a better text display of the output file for ubuntu, please make sure that your system has 'DejaVu Sans Mono' font. We use the 'DejaVu Sans Mono' font to display output. You can open any application such as 'gedit' or 'AbiWord' under your ubuntu and go to Preferences to see if 'DejaVu Sans Mono' font is on the list. Just make sure about it.

  5. Please note that the generated output file will be saved as 'output.OUT', which can be found in the folder where the project file is located. However, users need to save the project (top menu -> File -> Save project) first after running a project; otherwise, the output file cannot be saved as expected.

Screenshots/demo- JGuiB

Tutorials/video (Youtube) demo of JGuiB
(Please increase the resolution of the video to 720p and play it with full screen for the best effect. No sound when playing videos.)


1. Normal Fitting  2. Simulation  3. Bayesian Estimation  4. Multiple-dosing Modeling

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