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JPKD is a computer program for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). It not only inherits all functions of mobilePK, but also has a built-in algorithm of the user's defined Bayesian model for individualized pharmacokinetic parameter estimation (UDBM) for both batch input data and application to TDM. Users can define their own pharmacokinetic prediction models with population PK parameters, and then use the defined model to solve batch prediction data or apply the defined model to TDM.


  1. JAVA runtime environment (JRE)make sure that your system has been installed with JavaVM (JRE for PC/Windows OS from, and the PATH of  “java.exe” must be accessible by the system from any directory/folder. macOS users should be fine with OpenJDK6 or 7. Oracle Java VM may also work if it is installed properly.

  2. installation instruction for macOS/Linux/Windows
    After downloading JPKD zip file 
    v3.0.1 (MD5:99D7612F7CE80A71B345ED088517DE2C
    SHA-1:411C8726C7541E51EFEE63994AB01482F5A935F0), unzip *.zip file to any folder you like, and click JPKD.jar to run if you have installed JVM correct. It should be no problem for Windows OS and macOS users. Some Linux distro users may need to do some modifications to run. Read the bundled file "install.txt" for more details.

  3. Installation instruction for Linux distro (ubuntu, arch Linux, and many others)
    Please install openjdk-7 or Oracle Java jre or jdk instead of openjdk-6-jre or openjdk-6-jdk! Otherwise, you will see a BIG funny screen when starting JPKD. Read the bundled file "install.txt" for more details.

  4. macOS only
    Using Bundled JRE is strongly recommended. Do not install any other JVM again, unless you can solve any problem involved.

  5. Please note that the plot function for aminoglycosides/vancomycin tdm has been disabled since v3.0.1.

Example and explanation of model file

Screenshots - JPKD

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