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free JAVA GUI for BOOMER  (an excellent pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) Modeling Computer Program).


an R package for ABE/BA data analysis including sample size estimation, noncompartmental analysis (NCA), ANOVA (2x2x2 crossover), linear mixed effect model (lme for replicated crossover or parallel ABE studies), and some outlier detection analysis. bear was first released on July, 01, 2008.


an R tool for pharmacokinetic data analysis and model simulation.


a variant of JPKD except no user's defined model function. tdm can be used to estimate individual PK/PD parameters with one or more drug serum/plasma observations obtained from a single subject using JAGS interfaced through rjags.


a JAVA GUI app is written for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). It allows users to define their own Bayesian PK estimation model using published population PK parameters, and the defined model can be easily and directly applied to the dosage adjustment of TDM. 


an R package for in vitro-in vivo correlation (IVIVC) model building, data analysis, and model predictability (both internal and external validity) based on Wagner-Nelson Method (only for the one-compartment PK model) for Level A correlation.


an R package for data analysis of drug stability based on the algorithms suggested by the ICH guideline Q1E Evaluation of Stability Data (such as estimation of shelf-life from a 3-batch or more drug stability profiles).



a MIDP app designed for therapeutic drug monitoring, (TDM) running on the android mobile phone. Not available now.

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